About us

Cedri/Martini was born from two different project experiences, Andrea Martini in art research, sculpture like creative expression, Rienzo Cedri in industrial design, in different methods of project visualization and specifically with regard to jewel design.

Experiences very different but with a surprising concidence of interests made easy the creation of objects representing fully both andrea and rienzo.

Passion for experimentation, taste for organic forms and the complicated geometries of nature took to the creation of futuristic objects which remind ydrodynamic forms of marine animals or polished insect exoskeletons.

Furnitures and complements designed and produced personally, not binded by the strong imposted marketing limitations and by the serial production, destined to be realized i n small series or even as unique pieces. All our creations are contraddistinte from our signature and logo in silver, the sidereal metal for excellence that more represent us.